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Dora Bebonis
National Sales Director

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National Agency Manager

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National Agency Manager

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Advertising Sales Assistant

Rebecca Black
Sales Administration Co-ordinator


1st Floor, 163 Epsom Road
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  • Profile

    The Border Watch newspaper in South Australia holds a significant place in the region's media landscape. Established in 1861, it boasts a rich history of 162 years, making it one of the oldest newspapers in the state.

    Published every Wednesday and Friday, the Border Watch has remained a consistent and essential part of daily life for residents, delivering comprehensive coverage of local news, sports events, and human interest stories. Its pages are filled with the latest happenings, showcasing the heartbeat of the community and keeping readers
    informed and engaged.

    The region is known for its diversity of economic activity, and is conveniently situated half way between Adelaide and Melbourne. Agriculture, fishing, forestry, tourism and secondary industries together make important contributions to the local economy and provide a sound base for continued economic growth.

    Being deeply rooted in the region's heritage, the Border Watch remains possibly the fourth oldest business still running under its original name in Mount Gambier. Its enduring presence has fostered a strong sense of identity and connection among the people of Mount Gambier, making it a symbol of unity and community spirit.

    TBW has been active member of Country Press SA for more than a century and won the top regional newspaper award in 2004, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

  • Circulation List

    Mt Gambier, Kingston, Robe, Coonawarra, Millicent, Mt Burr, Glencoe, Penola, Casterton, Hamilton, Portland, Heywood, Nelson, Naraccorte, Bordetown, Beachport, Southend, Tantanoola, Kalangadoo, Tarpena, Port McDonnell and Dartmoor