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Dora Bebonis
National Sales Director

Sara De Paulis
National Agency Manager

Colleen Boyd
National Agency Manager

Hayley Fox
Advertising Sales Assistant

Rebecca Black
Sales Administration Co-ordinator


1st Floor, 163 Epsom Road
Flemington 3031

  • Profile

    The Lockyer & Somerset Independent is distributed to 250 locations across the Lockyer Valley and Somerset regions as a mass circualtion free newspaper and avialeble for free online and as a digital edition. The Lockyer Valley is located in south-east Queensland, about 90 kilometres west of the Brisbane CBD. The Lockyer Valley is bounded by the Somerset area in the north and north-east, Ipswich in the east, the Scenic Rim area in the south-east, the Southern Downs area in the south, and the Toowoomba area in the west. The Lockyer Valley and Somerset regions are predominantly rural, with major town centres at Gatton and Laidley, Kilcoy and Esk. Rural land is used largely for farming and agriculture, particularly vegetable and grain growing, and sheep and cattle grazing.

  • Circulation List

    Atkinson Dam
    Forest Hill
    Glamorgan Vale
    Glenore Grove
    Hatton Vale
    Junction View
    Atkinsons Dam 4311
    Brightview 4311
    Coominya* 4311
    Crowley Vale 4342
    Esk* 4312
    Fernvale* 4306
    Forest Hill* 4342
    Gatton* 4343
    Glamorgan Vale 4306
    Glenore Grove 4342
    Grandchester 4340
    Grantham* 4347
    Haigslea 4306
    Harlin 4314
    Hatton Vale* 4341
    Helidon* 4344
    Junction View 4343
    Kilcoy 4515
    Laidley* 4341
    Linville 4306
    Lowood* 4311
    Ma Ma Creek 4347
    Marburg* 4346
    Minden* 4311
    Moore 4306
    Mount Sylvia 4343
    Mulgowie 4341
    Murphys Creek* 4352
    Plainland* 4341
    Rosewood* 4340
    Somerset Dam 4312
    Tarampa 4311
    Tenthill 4343
    Toogoolawah* 4313
    Walloon 4306
    Withcott* 4352

  • Industries

    Farming and agriculture.The region is also the location of two major water storage dams – Wivenhoe and Somerset. The Wivenhoe Power Station, is a 500-megawatt, pumped storage hydroelectric plant located on the eastern side of Wivenhoe Dam. Tourism makes a significant contribution to the local economy being located close to Brisbane. Abattoirs and other farming related industries are also significant in the region